DAVE WAH - Tattoo Artist - Baltimore Maryland

My name is Dave Wah and I am pursuing a dream. My dream is to leave a legacy, to look back on my life with pride and to know in my heart that I lived it to the fullest. My dream is to live a life worth repeating. I am fortunate enough to have two daughters and a son who inspire me to set a higher standard for myself. I have a wife who believes in me and supports me in my journey. I am creating a picture of the world for them and in this world I am determined to forever be a hero. I approach my work with the same mindset. I believe if you are going to do something you should do it with pride. You should try to reach your full potential. I don’t compete against other tattooers, I am simply working to be the best tattoo artist I can possibly be. Greatness can only be achieved through discipline and hard work. I want my tattoos to be strong, thoughtful, classy, and timeless. I want them to be bold yet tasteful. I want my tattoos to reflect the passion I have for my craft.
My pursuit of greatness is not possible without the trust of my clients. You are part of my journey and I am thankful for everyone who allows me to work with them. My clients want nothing but the best out of life. They are patient and compassionate. They are trusting and considerate. My clients have put a lot of thought into their tattoo and are driven to have a unique piece of art to carry with them throughout their journey. My name is Dave Wah and I look forward to creating your artwork with you.