Please email me for all appointment inquiries. Allow 1 to 2 weeks for a response to your email, thank you. Unfortunately I do not do cover ups, fix ups, or add-ons to any existing tattoos. Also, I am very selective with the projects I choose to take on, please do not take offense if I can't do your tattoo for you. I keep a waiting list for all of my projects and the wait can sometimes be up to 1.5-3 years to get your tattoo, I appreciate your patience.

To assist in making the appointment process easier, the following questions are provided to help me get an overall understanding of you and your tattoo. After emailing me the following information, I will get back to you and let you know if it is something I can do for you.

1. NAME:



4. What would you like me to tattoo on you?

5. Where on your body do you want your tattoo? (please specify left or right, inside or outside, when referring to arms, forearms, legs, feet, ribs etc.)

6. What size do you want the tattoo?

7. Do you want color or black and grey?

8. On a scale of 1-10, how dark is your skin (1=pale white, 10=dark black)

9. How old are you, and has your skin had any significant sun damage in the past? (Do you go tanning, work outside in the sun, etc.)

10. Do you have sensitive skin or do you have any skin conditions? (Acne, moles, excessively dry skin, loose skin)

11. If you have a budget you are working with, please let me know.

12. Are there other tattoos in the area where this tattoo will be placed? (if yes, please send a pic of the space where you want the tattoo to fit)

13. Where are you from? Are you local to Maryland or are you travelling?

14. How flexible are you with design decisions? (BE HONEST PLEASE)

15. Are you available on short notice? (in case of a cancelation)

I specialize in tattooing birds, animals, traditional landscapes, black and grey portraits from vintage photos, and vintage inanimate objects including automobiles and airplanes. I also tattoo a multitude of other subjects so if your idea isn't listed you can still send me an email to see if it's something I'm capable of doing.