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zebra tattoo by dave wah at stay humble tattoo company in baltimore maryland
Zerrien's zebra tattoo

I had so much fun at Hampton Roads tattoo festival this past weekend. It was the type of weekend that left me feeling refreshed (even though I was exhausted haha). I just couldn't help but feel fortunate as I took some time to reflect on my career. I travel to a good amount of conventions and I'm always honored to have people from that area contact me to get tattooed. I'm also really lucky to have other great artists that I consider my friends. It wasn't that long ago that I started going to conventions and didn't know one person there. I was scared shitless and felt out of place. Now I can travel anywhere and see people I know and respect, and I also meet a handful of new friends each time.

Zerrien contacted me about doing this tattoo for her. She was a dream client. It really does take two people to make a successful tattoo, and I couldn't have asked for anything more from her. I'm excited to add more to her leg tattoo in the future.

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