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skull and headdress tattoo by dave wah at stay humble tattoo company in baltimore maryland
Allen's skull with owl headdress tattoo

Yessir! Sometimes you just know... I emailed Allen before his appointment to let him know how excited I was to do this tattoo. I never do that. Not that I'm not excited to tattoo everyday, because I am, but once the design was drawn for this I knew it was a can't miss. He originally had a reference picture of an owl with a skull in it I think, but he left it up to me to use those two subjects and create a design for him.

Just a side note that has nothing to do with this tattoo: lately I've had a few clients say during their consultation, "you're the artist, I trust you, I'm going to leave it up to you." Then when they show up for their appointment it becomes obvious that they want me to tattoo the exact image they have in their head, and they want to control every aspect of the tattoo. every, little, detail. I don't mind working with clients to create a particular design, or taking their input on what they want. After all, you have to wear the tattoo for the rest of your life. You gotta let me know from the start though. The problem I have is when I think I'm given free reign and spend hours and hours drawing just to have to throw it out to do a crude design based on some image the client saw on pinterest. It's like going to a restaurant and telling the chef, "I love all your food, I trust you to make me whatever you want." The chef spends hours and hours cooking and brings the meal to you, just for you to say, "nope, this isn't what I wanted, make me another meal from a recipe I created even though I've never actually cooked before." The chef would break a plate on your head. Luckily I tend to be patient, so there hasn't been any physical altercations haha. Just for future reference, if you are the type that wants to control every aspect of your tattoo and you're extremely particular, you gotta let me know. It will give me the opportunity to talk to you about your ideas and what will and won't work. I don't prefer to work this way and the tattoos never turn out as good, but I've done it. And by all means, please don't tell me that you're gonna leave it up to me when you have no intentions of doing so. Thanks for reading and sorry for ranting. Another sidenote haha: none of the tattoos on my website were designed by the client, and all of them gave me a good amount of freedom to do what needed to be done. just sayin.

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