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poseidon tattoo by dave wah
Pippa's Poseidon tattoo

Sometimes when I look back at my career I can't help but feel fortunate. It's tattoos like this one that makes it easy to appreciate my job. I vividly remember when I had no clientele, no appointments, and a portfolio I was pretty much ashamed of. I remember sitting at the shop for hours and hours waiting for someone to come in... I also remember seeing tattoos that my favorite artists were doing and thinking "how do they get these projects?" Most of the tattoos I was doing were fairly ordinary in subject matter and style. I kept thinking if someone would just trust me I could do so much more. Now it's almost on a daily basis that I get to tattoo something I'm interested in, and I'm working with clients who aren't afraid try something new. They don't want normal, they don't want ordinary, they want something unique, they want artwork. Thank you to everyone I'm fortunate enough to tattoo for being who you are and trusting me with your skin.