DAVE WAH - Tattoo Artist
Dave Wah
Stay Humble Tattoo Company
2nd floor
801 W 36th street
Baltimore, MD
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***My appointment process has changed due to the overwhelming amount of projects I have chosen to take on. My schedule has become overloaded and to make my life easier and to make artistic progress with my tattooing I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ANY NEW APPOINTMENTS UNTIL JUNE OF 2015. At that point I will only be booking in 3 month increments, with top priority going to projects I'm most interested in. Feel free to email me with your idea, however I won't commence booking until June. This was a very tough decision to make and I'm really thankful that so many people choose me to do their tattoos, however booking 11 months in advance just isn't reasonable with a hectic social schedule and a new baby. I made this decision to alleviate scheduling issues and to ensure that every day I am working on tattoos that challenge me and help my progression as an artist. Unfortunately this means I will be very selective with the tattoos I choose to do, so I will be turning down a lot of tattoos. If I choose to not do your tattoo please do not take it personally, I will gladly refer you to another artist. I appreciate your interest in my work and if I choose to tattoo you I will continue to provide the best experience and work possible.


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